Catena Institute of Wine

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“At Catena Zapata terroir is an ongoing science experiment. The philosophy is science-driven decision making. Statements about quality are not speculative or driven by marketing but are rather backed by research. As a result Catena, in my view, has done more to advance Argentinian wine than any other winery."
Shea Coulson, Canada

Today the Catena Institute of Wine, in conjunction with the Catena Enology and Viticulture team, has the ambitious mission of making Argentine wines that can stand with the best of the world and of advancing Argentina’s winemaking regions for another 100 years.

In collaboration with University of California Davis and Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, The Catena Institute provides leadership for the university research and development programs. Through these academic partnerships, the Institute seeks to advance and promote wine knowledge for the benefit of wine technicians and the wine community as a whole.

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